Missing Home But Husband's Not

My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years and have a 14 month old son. We are originally from the same state but moved south for more opportunity. My parents already live in the area we moved, which was part of the reason we came. My husbands family are all still back where we are from as are my siblings and friends. I am the one who originally wanted to make the move bc I was fed up with are lives( hated jobs, area was very expensive, etc.) It has been almost the whole time we have been married since we have been here and now that we have had our son I wish we never came. I really miss my friends, especially now that they are also having kids. I miss my sister a lot too and I hate that she misses everything going on with my son. I recently brought up that I wanted to move back and my husband flipped out!! I thought he would have considered it being that is ENTIRE family is there but he really likes it here bc it's newer and has way nicer weather. He also has made a lot of close friends but I have yet to make a true connection with anyone here like I have back home. Am I being selfish for wanting to up and leave again like I did the first time? Or am I right to truly miss people close to me and want to be back home? I truly don't know if what is important is lifestyle or relationships? Please help! Thank you!
LWP8110 LWP8110
Dec 8, 2012