He Is A Psycho, Wants Me Madly

The rudest, most arrogant but most intelligent client of my company likes me he says he loves me. I am a married woman since one year. My client is 10 years older to me and i have to meet and talk to him on a daily basis for his work.

He slowly made move buying expensive gifts, taking me to rich restaurants, taking care a way no man ever can. He would remember everything related to me with dates. He would take care of my slightest discomforts and favorites. But his expectation grew. He made move to get physical, I got carried away. We hugged, kissed a few times and a little more but did not go to extreme.

When he tried to get extreme, i realized my mistake and walked away. I cant cheat my husband and tried to break up with him. By now i have tried everything quitting his work, ignoring him, abusing him, insulting him. But he is just not ready to leave me.

He tries to emotionally blackmail me and says he want to marry me. He would not leave me at any cost even if i leave my job. He says he can find me out from any part of the world. He presses me emotionally but has never threatened me or took an advantage over me without my permission. He although tells me he would commit suicide and bla bla. I think he even attempted at once or may be it was an accident.

I feel for him but i cannot cheat my husband. He is not even letting me quit my job. I do not know if he is a passionate mad lover, a psycho or a casanova (as i doubt he is also involved with one employee at his office of my age and as he has told me of his few one night stands). What should i do, how should i treat him or get away from him, how dangerous is he? Is it a love, a lust or a sickness?

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As a first year psychology student, I can tell you this guy is a textbook psychopath. They start with bribing, if that fails, threats (although this guy didn't seem to go far with these) and if all else fails, a psychopaths greatest (and most successful) weapon is pity. They make you pity them to stay with them. Stay away from this guy, he's manipulating you. He's all charm and gifts now, but when he marries you or makes you separate from your husband, he will just use you to his own ends. If you're still unsure I can go get my textbook and cite from it
I swear.