Don't Know What To Do

So a few months ago, i was going out with this girl that i had very strong feelings for. Everything was going very well until one day, I received a call from a friend to ask me what i was doing. The thing is the person who actually passed this message was my friend's girlfriend as he was presently driving. Just then, my celll phone died and i turned around and told her it was my friend. Next day she told me it was off because i lied to her and she does not tolerate lies. I explained the situation but she would not listen to me. I didn't feel i lied because my friend was the one calling from his cell phone, but just passed the phone to his gf since he was driving.

After that we stopped seeing each other for about 2 weeks, met up again kissed and she got cold again. She initiated that kiss. After that, i just told her i could not do this anymore because it was just too confusing and i wanted something more than a friendship.

3 months passed without talking, then one day about 2 months ago, she messaged me on facebook asking how i was doing. I was very surprised and wondered why should would message me if i told her i could no longer be her friend because i couldn't see her as a friend anymore. A couple of months later and we've started hanging out again. No kiss, just hang out. I just feel like i did before. Totally crazy in love with her, just feel like all she wants is someone to make her feel better. I asked her why she messaged me and she said she just wanted to say hi, no other reason. just feels weird after 3 months and after i told her i couldn't be friends, just to say hi. I feel so happy when i hold her hand just to cross the street. just something so innocent like that. Now here comes Christmas and i'm looking to get her a present and it's just like what for. She's prolly just sad and lonely and i'm emotionally invested too much with her.

Don't really know what to do. Really confused.
Godito5 Godito5
26-30, M
Dec 11, 2012