Do I Travel For Myself Or Do I Travel For Love?

I'll keep this as brief as possible. I started dating a guy back in August who had plans to travel to New Zealand in November. During the time we spent together I fell in love. I'd been in a long term relationship previous to this and this new one made me realise how easy relationships should and could be. The longer I am apart from him the harder it is, we've said we're goin to wait for eachother. And I think the feeling is mutual. He been gone for about 6 weeks now and had a recent scare in hospital there which has brought up a huge amount of feelings, I couldn't sleep or eat until I found out he was getting better.

I already have flights booked to go round the world on my own in April, I'd be going to South America, New Zealand (to meet him) and then Asia. During the time he has been in hospital I have seriously been considering ditching South America moving my flights forward and just going out to New Zealand to see him because I know that I just want to be with him. The only problem is that this would cost me money and obviously I would be missing a big part of my trip.

I'm getting so many mixed opinions and I stil have no idea what to do. I've spoken to him and he's said he's happy with whatever I do and he can always do South America with me another time.

Please help!??
Bethanwethan Bethanwethan
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

You'll regret not going to see him. You'll think about him the whole time your gone.Go to him and do the other stuff with him later.South America isn't going anywhere.