My Boyfriend Is Smothering Me

My boyfriend is smothering me. We've been dating for 5 months and we really love each other and are talking about marriage one day, but he is really selfish about my time. I'm still in college, so I have homework, exams, and a job, not to mention I like to spend time with my family some weekends and over breaks. But he gets so upset when I don't want to spend my every free moment with him. He thinks I spend too much time with my family or care more about school than about him. Honestly, I do care more about school and my family. I need to keep my grades up and I'm really close to my family, especially my very young brothers who I helped raise. And I still see him every weekend and spend the night with him 95% of those weekends! Honestly, it's exhausting. I never have time to myself, I'm always cramming to finish homework I don't get to do over the weekends, and my little brothers don't understand why I'm putting this guy who I've known for a few months over them. I don't understand it either. I love him, but how do I tell him that I need some time alone or with my other friends and family? He's not in school and he still lives at home, so he has all this time on his hands and doesn't understand that I don't have so much time and I have other things to do. Help! I love him but spending time with him is starting to feel like a chore!
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Get out get out new before it turns abusive. These are your warning signs! I wish I would have known at this stage and saved myself a lot of grief and heartache and pure misery.

These can be signs of an abuser being controlling and demanding all of your time with no regard to the fact that he wants you to make him first at expense to your success. He sounds immature and selfish. I also think talking to him about how you feel would give you a good indicator of wether or not he is worthy of your time and effort. If he reacts poorly and throws a fit kick him to the curb he will drain you. If he handles it well there is hope

ashly i am the male end of the same kind of relationship and i have to say. i did the same. she isnt as close to her family but she works hard and has little time to do as she pleases.if he truly loves you then he will understand if you need time to sort it out. i had to do the same yeah it drove me crazy but in the end i understood she has other things going on in her life and had to accept that fact. if he really loves you express it to him talk it out. hope this helps and if you need any other advice i will be around.

especially when u turn into a wolf