This Girl

So i'm a girl and i like my best friends. In june i told her that i liked her. her feelins weren't the same so i started to distances myself. I really missed her so even tho I still like her I told her I didn't so we can still be friends. So times goes by and she starts to telling me weird stuff and questions. she texted me "aww you're giving me butterflies" and " wheres a g-spot" and "Hey! I was just thinking about you in the shower"and "i want you to be completely honest with me. I want there to be no secrets in our relationship" and she always tells me she loves me. I know she also likes girls because she told me. In June she told me she didn't like me and all of the sudden I get all these messages and stuff. What do I do? Like does she like me? Should I pull away? I don't want her to break my heart again. what if shes teasing me?
khoover khoover
Dec 12, 2012