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well me an my husband been together for 4 and a half years married for a year an a half and have 2 little girls together he has 6 other kids that he doesn't see at all! i love the egg but!.. i just cant stand to be here any more he gets so angry to the point he starts throwing stuff at me calling me every bad name u could think of! he never spends time with his girls only when hes yelling at them! he works most days but he makes the money so thinks i should be his slave! i cant sit down with out him yelling at me cause i haven't done something every time hes angry he kicks me out tells me i cant take the girls but yet he stops me in every way when i do try to leave Evan as far as ramming my car with his truck! i get up every morning at 4am to make his damn coffee so he gets up for work if i have a long night with the girls an just want to stay in bed an sleep he gets real angry cause i haven't made his damn coffee! my health is going down hill i don't go to doctors cause he makes me feel so guilty! but then i think dieing is a easy way out of this! there is a lot more to this but ill end up righting a book! some 1 tell me what to do please!
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I would seek out a domestic violence shelter. You may not have wanted the police involvement for your girls and that is understandable, but they are being emotionally and mentally abused right now too. What happens if he loses his temper and the accident results in your funeral? Who will protect them? Where will they turn? So many girls end up with men that are like their fathers...will the boyfriends they choose treat them the way your husband does you? Will it be worse? Trust me I understand- my husband is a cheater and I still love him, so I try to stay and work things out...all I can say is that what you are going through is not the type that you stay and work things out. If he is going to have a wake up call, it will only come when he comes home to an empty house. DV shelters usually have programs that keep your identity concealed and help you get on your feet. I pray that you find a resolution soon and that God protects you and your girls. Please don't think that you can change the situation by endangering your life or the lives of your girls.