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In my friends band there are 4 people, all boys, all really cool but all really busy as well. Their doing their GCSE's atm so they're always really tired and get stressed out a lot and quite easily. One of the members dropped out about 6 months ago, but came back after a few weeks - it was a little break away from the band. They were all fine until now when one of the members is not showing up to many rehearsals and saying that he's feeling a bit left out and nobody listens to him. Most of the time he's spending time with his girlfriend instead of the band. The rest of the band is wondering whether or not to get him to take some time out of the band like one of the other members did, but they're also a bit worried that if this members leaves even if only for a little while, he might choose not to come back. What should hey do?
LadyGreenGodess LadyGreenGodess
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

ask him if he needs a break. he may welcome the idea. have a set amount of time, a deadline so to speak. If he's not ready to come back by then, find a replacement. that is, unless he's the drummer. drummers are hard to find ;)