I really need advice .. Quick ...!

So my boyfriends 17 and I'm 15 . He's turning 18 on the 8th and I'm turning 16 in march ; we've been talking for 2 years but been dating since August . I love him and he loves me I know he does .. But here's the thing , I'm pregnant . He knows I am and he wants me to move in with him so me , him and the baby can be one big family , his parents are totally supportive ; but I haven't told my parents . My parents are very strict . They'd kick me out . And I know people say parents will come around and understand but I know they won't they'd be so disappointed in me :( I just don't know what to do . I Know I'm going to have to tell me but I don't wanna get kicked out I wanna live with my boyfriend but I don't want to have my parents out my life ... Help :(
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Your parents will find out about the baby eventually. Might as well tell them early. Try to make a decision after you hear from your parents. For all you know, they'll still want to be part of your life. They are your parents after all. Until then, you don't have to decide immediately to move to in to your boyfriend's place.