Best Friends Brother

I have known my best friend and her brother since I was in 3 rd grade I am now in my second year of college. I have always thought her brother was cute and have always had a crush on him. Just recently like these past two years we will kinda flirt and talk friendly. My friend her family him and everyone has known I've liked him for ever. We have flirted and texted before and held hands but nothin more and I've told my bf everything. But this New Year's Eve he came home early and we were smuggling on the couch and then kissing and she got upset and did not help that she was drunk but the. It got better and she fell asleep and he told me to come in his room and we were kissing and he wanted to do more but I couldn't because my friend and she walked in and things blew up they started yelling at each other she did not talk to me for a few days but now were good still kinda weird but there good but I still see him and he will smile but I don't know what to do I live my best friend but I really like her brother... I'm just so confused...
Isabelle4493 Isabelle4493
Jan 6, 2013