Ex Boyfriend

I'm strongly in love with my ex . But it's completely obvious that he's over me. We still text as friends . But It hurts to know that , that's all we will ever be . I don't know if I should continue & be friends with him , or tell him the truth about my feelings. I just want him in my life , but I don't wanna scary him away .
Nancyswagg Nancyswagg
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

The most searing emotional pain to the heart is letting go of someone you love; be it through death, distance, or break up. This pain is repeated time and time again in life, because to love is to open oneself to pain. You are young still and just beginning the journey of experiencing repeated painful love. Learn from this experience and decide if you want to be on the sidelines of your life watching someone you can't have or do you want to move forward in your life and experience the joy of your next love? Good luck to you. Love you. Enjoy YOUR life. Seek out new friends and experiences and eventually you will learn to accept his leaving. Will the pain go away? Only if you want it to. Moving forward helps.

Omg , this really opens my eyes !! && thank you soo muchh ! Couldn't get better advice !

Wait , should I text him telling him that I'm moving on && that I don't want to text him anymore . Cause he always texts me first.

I'm so glad my words were helpful. I have been where you are and still miss my lost loves, but have enjoyed so many more since then. Yes, give him a text and then.... delete his phone number. It may be difficult to do, but choosing you is worth it. As women we have to take care of our hearts.