Boyfriend Get So Mad To The Point Where He Wants To Hurt Me

My boyfriend gets so mad to the point where it really scares me. We will be having an argument about something that really doesn't mean all that much and because I nag him to get an answer out of him sometimes he gets mad and looks like he is about to explode and has to get away from me. I know I'm provoking him but I don't get how me nagging him can make him so mad as to have a hissy fit and actually physically throw things around the apartment sometimes even. He later tells me that he was so close to hitting me. Does this mean he will eventually become abusive? If he really loves me, doesn't that mean he should NEVER want to hurt me? I'm confused as to whether I should stay in this relationship based on how we fight. He's a very hard person to talk to about issues like this because I think he has anger issues because of his past. Do you have any advice on how I can talk to him about his anger? Thanks! I could really use the help!
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I dont think at any point that its ok for anyone to raise their hands to their partner, regardless of the gender. If you are unable to communicate in a civilised manner, perhaps it would be better to get a mediator?
I have a friend that went to anger management classes and it seemedto have really helped him with his past issues.