I Got Wasted And Made Out With My Co-worker!

I got extremely wasted and made out with my co worker at the office x'mas party. We went back to his place and from what i can rmb i told him i loved him (yes, i did. wtf?! why did i do that?!), he told me he didn't feel the same way and then i cried a little (sigh)...and then still asked if we could still make out afterward. Ha! Yes, i'm horny when wasted. We didn't though, no sex, and i passed out.

The next day was cool, we talked about it a little and he was being super nice about it. I have never spoken to him about it since and act like it never happened. I mean, we do have to work together. But lately i can tell he's being distant. And i understand why, i basically freaked him out by telling him that i loved him. But i miss my friend.

We were super close at work for the last 2 years. Every break/lunch/smokes after work, everyday for the last 2 years. He was my partner in crime. We talked to each other about everything and it really felt like he was a best friend. I'll admit, i did have a serious crush on him for the longest time, but that was it. That night was the first time we ever did anything. And i wish it never happened.

He doesn't wait for me after work anymore like he use to. Doesn't joke around with me the same way. It almost feels like he doesn't even know how to act around me anymore.  I'm just wondering if i'll ever get my friend back? I thought we we're cool, so why is he acting so weird? I wish my problems didn't always start with alcohol. Help! I miss my friend :(
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Jan 7, 2013