Ladies, Im Confused About This Girl. ''high School Crushes And Dating''

Very cliched I know, but I wanted to read others thoughts. So, there's this girl in my school I find very cute. My friends has caught her staring at me before in the hallways frequently. I've myself seen her glance and look down, sometimes holding a smile. Common, ''signs'' I've read that a woman is attracted attracted to you. I've always been a introverted person at best, and as the psychiatrist labels me, ''Major Depression.'' I've always been slow about relationships than other teenagers. As I ultimately view things gloomy and melancholy due to personal family issues and health conditions. But I've been dumbfounded these last couple days. With the return of Winter Break, I got over myself to see how would she react if I were to give eye contact back. I smiled from my usual natural frown, but she immediately looked down at the table with a blank looking expression. I pass by her many times during passing periods (3 times), and I noticed the route she usually takes, she doesn't go that one day. As the next day rolls by, which is today. I see her in the morning only to stare at the wall when I enter; as her class lines up to enter period one. This, ''avoidance'' solidified when the second time I see her she,''rushes'' lanes where students enter opposite to exit near me. I, honestly throughout my High-School career been stoic and passive about woman; always preceiving it as meaningless waste of time in the long run. As stereotypically as the majority goes, immature and naive; I couldn't really find a person to relate with. The fact that she interested me so much is because my friends say she's the quiet type. Maybe it's just the fact she remnds me of myself, or ultimately I gone desperate. In the end I find pathetic and, ''retract'' back in the shell as others might call it. Logically, I think I am over-thinking this; as she may be teasing in her own way, very shy, or simply lossed interest as this may be her way of expressing a, ''****-off'' kind of expression. Well, that sums up the scenario; opinions greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
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Jan 8, 2013