So Close

This is a continuation of another one of my stories, Can Some One Tell Me Were I Stand With This Girl. About a week ago I finally told here how I felt and she said she new she always new. That took me off guard what do I do now and where did I stand I still did not know. But a few days later when I talked to her again she explain it to me. and this is how it when down.
For the longest time she was on and off liking me then one of our friends took her kindness as liking him so he fell for her. He pushed and pushed and she pushed backed in the end he still creeps her out and there friendship is ruin. So she decided to stay just 'bros' with everyone, I never got the memo. Like I said I didn't feel anything until recently.
The conversation moved on and she said there was a lot going on in her life and she was not looking to be in a relationship right now, that was a hard blow. I said and awesome line that went like this, "I know words can't make you ready but here is what I can do if you let me; be the hands that catch you when you fall, be that listening ear, the shoulder to lean on, just let me be there. I don't want to happen between you and Tom happen to us. When your ready i want to be there.
She followed up with, "I know Aoipantsu (no she used my real name) who knows if things keep going the way they are between us as friends right now it might turn into something.. but I'm glad you can tell me how you feel like a real man." I will let you all judge on were you think I stand.
Nothing has change between the two of as of late which could mean good things i have no Idea. Friends tell me to stay on course and are routing for me. If any thing happens I will be sure to tell you guys.

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AoiPantsu AoiPantsu
22-25, M
Jan 9, 2013