So if you had a boyfriend and you love him soooooo much and this is like the 3rd chance u gave him cuz before he was just being a ***** by dumping me and asking me to forgive him again so i did and this is like 4 months after the second break up and now hes starting to do what she always does n he like mood swings like he bes all nice n then hes a ***** after 2 mins .. But he says he loves me but it doesnt really feel like it and i try putting in so much effort yet he says like 2 worded answers for everything and like us two live two different lives too . mine is more complicated and his seems more laid back.. hes an only child and i have like 3 older sisters and 1 older brother And like you wanna hang out but he can only go places when one of his friends are with him but none of his friends know thier dating he just told them thier really really tight cuzins also he is about a couple weeks younger than me. my birthday is december 15 and his is january 3 what would yu do?
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Jan 9, 2013