What Should I Do? Should I Wait?

its been a week since i came back from mexico, i only went over there for two weeks. My parents said i would just get over it and wouldn't remember it. But its been the hardest thing ever, i can;t forget it i need to go back, i don't like it here honestly i don't know what to do . Its so hard to be somewhere where you just can't be yourself and over there it was just perfect everything was. I was trying to convince my parents to let me stay over there. One thing that happened over there to me was just something that will stay with me forever, when i went to say goodbye to my grandpa i told him i would see him next year, and he responded to me crying , that he wasn't going to be there anymore, that was the main reason i stayed up crying all night i didn't want to leave and there was so much anger inside of me so much i still hold that anger i just want to go back it angered me that my parents where all anxious of leaving because they don't like it over there, but how did they leave so comfortable knowing my grandpa had told me that. I just hate it , that they take us for only two weeks , and you get attached to people over there and its so hard to goodbye, and now i cry myself to sleep everyday , i miss it over so much i have never been like this . I want to be over there , i don't care if i have to go to school over there. So i am thinking about saving up money and buying an airline ticket and just leaving i don't know when.. but soon.. Or what should i do please i need advice
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Jan 11, 2013