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hello everyone i really could use some help with my story......i will try to make this as short as i can but its such a long story and i want to write dr phil but i no he will not respond lol lol...........ok a little about my self ...........was married for 26 years , husband left me out of the blue for a 21 year old crack head...that my daughter went to school with when she was three kids who are now 22,27,31 went through hell trying to understand why he did this to us ......i say us because he told us he was sick of the kids the dogs coming home to our house and the kids all heard him say that...........there is a lot more to that story but i will continue on with the problem at hand ...........i have been divorced for 7 years now , i got the house but had to sell it because of medical problems and was unable to work to support myself .......i was forced to sign the divorce paper and end up with no support as i had no money to pay lawyers at the time my house was up for sale .........he coherced me and threatened me sign or else!!!!!!!!!!!! well he is not with the 21 year old any more and is now with a woman who was living on welfare with 4 kids and one granddaughter that was 1 year old ..........he moved fast and moved them all in to his house with in the first 3 months of meeting her ...........i forgot to tell u that in the 26 years i was told to not work and stay home with the kids i wanted to go to school and have some kind of carrer in case anything was to happen to our marriage , but i was not allowed to .........well i supported him by doing what he wanted of me , i totally looked after the kids the house and did everything for him .........well our dreams came true he finely made it in life at his job , something we dreamed of being was rich .............well he is now a millionaire but as soon as he started making all his money he decided to get rid of me ................anyways he is super rich and has all her kids and her living the high life ..............something i always wished for my kids and i ..............ok the problem now ..............things were kinda good for my kids with her at the beginning
, my daughter always thought the new girlfriend was a golddigger but my ex told her to mind her own business ...........well they have been together for 3 years now and he makes sure they have no needs for anything ........the one daughter has her rent paid for by him and her daughter who is now about 3 lacks nothing .........her kids are all living an amazing wealthy life and they have him as a father even tho they all have real fathers ......oh forgot to tell u all her kids have different fathers , one daughter was pregnat at 15 and a druggy and drunk , other daughter is recovering heroin addict , other 2 kids are 7 and 9 now this family has won the million dollar lottery ................and i am not complaining about who he has taken in and is supporting ...........anyways i will continue my problem i said his girlfriend at the beggining was nice to my kids , BUT IT WAS ALL A SHOW she hates all my kids and has said mean mean things about them and has tried to turn my kids against each other and me ...........she lies about everything ..........thank god my kids did not side with her and decided to get together and compare stories of what she had said about everyone ...........and realized how she would lie about things and tell stories about each kid to get them to hate each other............well my kids caught on to her and they really did like her but now they hate her and realized what she was doing ...........she keeps the families separated and does not want to have anything to do with his kids and 4 grandchildren ..........she has told him that he has to be a father to her kids now because his kids are all grown up and they do not need his help but her kids are young and now its up to him to support and love her kids ..........she is 47 and he recently paid 25 thousand to get a tummy tuck and a boob job ...............she has a new car ect ect ect............the kids have told me when he hugs her she rolls her eyes as if she hates the touch of him ...........he has told the kids he noes she is a golddigger but anywoman he finds these days will be after his money so he might as well stay with he never wants anything to do with his kids because he has to take so much energy to spend time with her and her kids ............we all no she does not love him and just likes the easy life ...........the kids confronted her and him and had a meeting and told him the lies she has been telling the kids and him and they told him that she hates them ...but she cried and cried and said all they were saying was not true ..........well everything that was said to her any woman wouldof packed her bags and left in discust .....but not her the next 2 days later she made him buy her abrand new car lol lol............well after the meeting now she really wants nothing to do with the kids and makes sure she stops him from having anything to do with them iether...........any special occasions like birthdays xmas she makes sure he spends all the time with her and her kids and does not invite my kids or grandchildren over ............the kids even wanted to go for his birthday out to dinner but he said no !!!! on his birthday weekend she made sure she took him out to his cabin so the kids couod not even see him ......his sister came for a isit at xmas and stayed with them and when she got home to nova scotia called my son and told him that she has never seen her brother so unhappy!!!!!! i will give her name as it it seasier to type ...anne .....all anne does is sleeps and she does not cook a good meal for him and she is just plain out boring .........oh forgot to tell u she likes to drink !!!....and al she wants to do is shop buy buy buy buy with his money of course ..............she is very worried about him as the kids r ...........he is very tired all the time and has no energy to do anything .....a year ago she kept telling the kids to be nice to there dad because he could die soon !!!!! so they confronted thire dad and asked why she is telling them this and he told her to stop saying that to the kids !!!!!......she does such mean thigs to my kids and says such mean things about them !!!!!!!! we all no she has brainwashed him into not likeing his kids and we are all so worried she might be doing something to make him so tired and life less ..............i am not out to get anything and i maybe am a little jelous she has the life i worked so hard for for 26 years to have ........but that ship has sailed and i no i will never have him back .............all i wish for in life is that my kids can have there dads love and attention they are all so set back by this and i am heart broken to see the suffer and cry about it .............i just do not no what to do and they do not no either daughter went on a support site and told everyone how hurt she is and they all pretty well told her to mind her business , hes a big boy and he noes what he wants and to bud out ............well they have lost there father to her and her kids and she hates his kids ...........i have many stories that i could tell u of what she has said and done to his kids but i would be her for ever ............i can not do anthing but sit and watch them suffer ............right now they are all so hurt it breaks my heart ........if anyone has any advice good or bad i sure could use some ...........thank u
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neuiily , i was very angry when i read the beginning of ur response as i thought but that is there father and its not fair that she is making it so he does not want to hang with the people that truly love him ....its already well known that she does not love him ,just his money !!!!! but the kids are so worried that she is ruining his life they have never seen him like this ......they are not sure if she is putting something in his coffee or he is going to die soon ......he has even said he is sick and tired of dishing out the money to her and not sure how much more he can take !!!!! but the kids think he is afraid to kick her out because they have no money and will have to go back on welfare to survive..... so the kids get on with thier life and let her ruin him and maybe cause him to die and my kids miss out on spending the last few years with him........they love him and want their dad, she has been in his life for 3 years they have been there for 30 is known she is only after his money what kind of woman is this !!!!! someone needs to step in and help this poor man that has been brainwashed or drugged.....all he sees is a pretty woman and thinks he loves her .......she is in bed at 8 oclock her kids sleep with her and she never wants to hang with him thats love .....come on guys get real ...........yah maybe he does not want anything to do with his kids but pretty odd that is the way it has been since he met her?????? and do u remember me saying he has 4 grandchildren that also love grandpa and are missing out on being around him and getting to no him ............any woman that connives and lies just so he spends all his time with her and all his money is definately evil !!!!!!!!! and she has made it so he does not want to do anything with his kids because she has made it well known to him that he now has to look after and support her kids ......hello they all have fathers !!!!!!!!!!!.....anne was a crack head drunk been married 3 times !!!!!! 4 kids by different men !!!! oh forgot to tell u all she told my daughter she wiah she never had kids !!!!! great mom eh!!!!! yah maybe she has brainwashed him but should someone not help him ?????????? kids love him thats all and are so worried about his health .....she went out and bought diabetes test ***** , and the kids found tgem and ask is he had diabetes , he said no anne just bought them to test me?????? is that not wierd i said there are so many stories that could be told of the things she has said and done it would make u sick and u would have such a different answer to this whole thing , so u are telling me if ur mom or dad was in trouble and there life could be at risk u would just walk away and say hey hes a big boy , if he is hurting or sick oh well it her prob not our ?????

The only thing your children can do is to try to keep in touch with their father. Send cards, or an occasional email. They also need to simply stay away from their step mother. She is not welcoming and not trustworthy, and they really should avoid any cofrontation with her. It never works to try to expose the truth. They will just get burned. It does no good to try to expose an agenda or a liar.Your ex will only see what he wants to see. And, as for her, she is his wife, and so has the advantage. To be honest, you all just need to move on, and live your own life.
In addition, It is not just the fault of the new wife, if your ex wanted and truly cared about his kids, they would be a major part of his life. His behavior has demonstrated that he really has other interests now. His focus is on the new family.