Group Trip

I was invited to go on this trip with a bunch of people who I don't know very well. I met all these people through this girl who I am not friends with anymore. This group of people is still friends with her but she isn't going on the trip.
I am having conflicting feelings about saying no because I don't want to let them down and I don't want them to tell my ex-friend that I bailed on this trip.
I am only friends with a few of these people who I only see once every few months. I just don't know what to do.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Well, why would you even want to go on the trip? Don't worry about what everyone else thinks, what do you want to do? Would it be fun for you to go out and travel with some people and share experiences? Or, do you not like these people? Clearly they like you!

I'm really not sure what your ex friend that you dont' talk to anymore has to do with it,but you should do what gives you joy! When you think of going do you think- oh fun! Or do you think ugh I'dhave to hang out with all these people I don't like.

Figure that out and then you should have your answer! You can always call chummychat dot com.