I Don't Think I'm Being Unreasonable?


My dad's boss' daughter (19 yo) is coming to where I reside to study from East Asia. She speaks some English as that's a requirement for her visa and offer. My dad expects me to pick her up at the airport and took her to her school. I'd have no problems with that, except I don't drive. The airport is about 40 minutes from where I live and 90 minutes from where her school is by public transport. And it's on a Saturday morning, so there's less frequent public transport available and I'll be looking at no less than four hours round trip. At the same time, the school actually offers free airport pick up for International student commencing for the first time, so I told my dad that should be the better alternative and I can arrange that for the girl.

Now my dad thinks that I'm a jerk. On the one hand, I refused to help out a girl who is foreign to this country; on the other, I refused to help him out by helping his boss' daughter.


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Jan 11, 2013