I Like This Guy And...

i like this guy and i dont know what to do! One night we were both really drunk and we were cuddling and talking alot of the night. we didn't hookup or anything and we have been friends for like 4 years. He recently brokeup with his girlfriend about 6 months ago(that i am friends with) and they were dating for about 3-4 years..(she cheated on him)he was also talking to this girl a few months ago and ended it. we have the same friend group so when we were all hanging out together i got this vibe he might have feelings for me, but now he doesnt act like it and i dont know what to do! also one of my friends likes him and told him that same night and he told her he didnt like her, and she was really sad. i dont know what to do with my feelings. someone help me please
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 14, 2013