My Boyfriend

what do i do? my boyfriend wants me pregnant and i want to be too. im 16 and hes 29, we have been together since october the 31st 2012...i know my family would hate me if i was pregnant so what do i do now?
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I did too when I was your age. Just hold off. It's much too soon! I promise, you'll thank your stars you waited!

Also, he is TWENTY NINE... there is a reason he can't find someone his own age.

but i already think i am.
whats wrong with it? hes ad people his own age...we connect and make each other happy. thats whats important isnt it?

i want to say ..just wait .....:)))))


because you are just 16 ..spend more time with him and after that arrange a meeting with your family and also boyfriend and softly talk and convince your family for marriage .....


and first conform that this is not an attraction ...your relation is bases on emotional and understanding :)))) than marry with him and live .......
Enjoy Life


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