Non-relationship Relationships Plus Met Someone Who Thinks He Loves Me By My Photo Could That Be Possible???

First my non-relationship relationship. started around 5-6months ago. I met this man who is 15-16 years younger then me. No matter what I do or say he always kind and gentle to me on the phone. We hardly ever meet seldom. He wanted a realtionship in the beginning I would not go for it because of his age. I know I love him but I dont want him to be lonely and left alone. Thats why I wont date him because of our age difference. I think he is a wonderful person but it would be good for me bad for him . So due to my unselfish ways I will not go further. I really want him in my life. Now I have a new situation that happened recently which I will never tell my phone friend

Within the week I was online dating sent a photo to this man. He thinks he loves me he has been widowed several years and has told me that he has a good feeling about us. He took his name off the dating site. Sent me several nice letters and songs . He asked me to take my photo off the dating site because he didnt want anyone else to date me. This man feels he is in love and I am not sure if he is for real. Dont get me wrong the man is very kind lives far away from me. But the way my life has been lately I really need advice in this area.

As for my phone friend I feel he has made bad choices in his life . Dont think he eats properly malnutrion alsmot look annorexia I can't leave this man he would have never left me.

I really dont know that to do . I hope someone out there can give me good advice please
Gambler49 Gambler49
Jan 15, 2013