I Need Your Help...I'm Excellent On Resume But I Just Don't Have Faith In Myself Or Passion

As a student, I was the top student in my class. I would wow professors and students with my knowledge. I worked hard and got the A.

It's been about one month since I graduated.

I've applied to one job. Got rejected. You might ask why haven't I applied to another? I'll tell you why, I just lost the passion. After I graduated, I was hounded by my boyfriend to get a job. I cried many times because there wasn't anything I wanted to do or didn't meet the skill set requirements and I could not stand getting yelled at by him and being called too sensitive. Now whenever I think of applying, I cringe at the thought and instantly lose faith in myself. I associate applying for a job with fear... almost as if I'm going to get hit by something (I've never been hit).

Network? I'm horrible at networking. On the outside, I may seem very social but I'm very shy. I prefer to keep to myself and I know that's detrimental to going into business (PR). It's incredibly hard for me to connect with someone substantially older than me... I wonder why they would give me the time of day when I'm a young woman in her 20s. Wouldn't my inexperience come off as a waste of time to them?

I'm slipping into deep depression. The PR firms aren't hiring from what I see on their websites. Can any of you give me advice?

I don't want to feel useless more than I already do.

Please help me.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Just apply for other jobs. Who cares if you got all A and wow your teachers? A job wont fall on your lap. If you get rejected. Ignore it and apply some more. Because some company is going. To be looking for someone with your skills.