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me and my boyfriend made an agreement that whenever we felt horny we would tell the other person. i feel like im the only one telling him, we have sex at the minimum of twice a week and the maximum of about 5/6 times a week. he always says hes not bothered if he has sex or not. what does this mean? how should i feel? does he still want me?

this week we have had sex once and im not planning on asking him for as long as i can go with out it for. i feel bad if i ask and he says no, i dont know why?

how can i stop wanting sex?

we sometimes have a little bit of sex without a condom and one minute he texts me saying he wants more and ten five minutes later he texts me saying he wants only safe sex. why does he do this?
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

It means he doesnt want to be a dad yet. And if your whole thing together is base on sex. You too will never make it. You probably freak him the hell out.

he has a daughter fro a previous relationship he 29 and im 16

You said your 16 and he's 29.And Your profile says your 16-17.


And you said your not under age?!? Your under 18. So your under age.

im not under age...its legal here

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