Seeking Your Input

I have been in love with a girl for the past 7 years. Early on we had a fling but before anything could get serious she moved away. We've kept in contact throughout the years and I feel like I have grown very close to her emotionally and mentally. I wake up many days through out the week thinking about her. I find myself often thinking about her through out my days. I push these thoughts out of my mind because she is not anywhere near me and because I have sine got a new gf. I feel guilty to my new gf about thinking about this other woman. I will never cheat on my current gf and i don't plan on dropping her on a whim to go run after some fantasy. I am not religious or spiritual or anything but they only thing I can relate the pull I feel for the girl I still love and obsess over after 7 years is that it feels like we were connected intimately and deeply in some past lives. I know how that sounds and trust me I don't believe in that stuff. I am very much a this is the one life we have to live so enjoy it type person.

I found out today that the girl I love has gotten engaged to someone else today. I feel happy for her because i want her to have joy in her life and it is understandable that you would seek to date and marry someone in your vicinity rather than a continent away. I had hoped that one day we could be together. I have been trying to find a job closer to her. I had fantasized that she would move back into town at some point. Yet, all those things seem like nothing but vaporware now.

Still I feel so connected and attached to this woman that it is hard for me to fully connect or attach myself to anyone else. It annoys me that I feel distant from others because of my feelings for here. Even now after hearing the news about her engagement I still feel that we are connected and the future holds something for us. I feel i should just give up and i want to give up but I dont seem to be able to. Does anyone have any advice on how to let this go? Has anyone ever felt this before?
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Jan 17, 2013