Being Harassed, Constantly Stressed. Help!

I am honestly running out of options and I am worried 24 hours of every day. This is the most frustrating situation I've ever been in. I've never asked for advice before, let alone on the internet but I feel helpless and out of things to try. So, I was "dating" (never labelled it) this guy...we actually were okay friends...we both moved to the area and didn't know anyone so, to be honest, I was settling for his company. I was, nevertheless, always a good friend. We became friends and decent ones at that and eventually became friends with benefits...I never wanted a relationship and made sure to disclose that bluntly early on. Eventually, I realized he wouldn't stop trying for more than a friendship with me and I cut out the benefits part of our friendship...he began sending me creepy messages and wouldn't stop and I began getting annoyed...I let him know that since we were both wanting such different things from eachother I think it's best we stopped talking (I really am shortening the story a lot but throughout our friendship he has betrayed my trust 2 major times making me less and less interested in calling him a friend.) anyways, he wouldn't leave me alone...and kept texting me and eventually when I didn't respond he's start calling me a ***** and **** and a whole bunch of awful day I said he really needed to stop texting and calling me and when I did he said he was going to kill himself...he said "I have a gun and a bullet and I am going to off myself..." He kept saying he was going to kill himself and then finally stopped replying to my texts and being a decent human being called the police after he wouldn't answer my calls...I told the police I had been speaking to a former friend who was threatening to kill themselves and I am worried and stressed...they obviouslyy went to check on him and as it turns out he wasn't planning on killing himself, just trying to make me think he was for...attention. (psycho, right?) After calling me police he had to spend a few nights in a facility. When he got out I received NUMEROUS texts and calls saying HORRIBLE, unspeakable things about me and I couldn't take it. It ruined my day, everyday so I went and got my phone number changed...I deleted him off of Facebook and blocked him...basically cut off all forms of contact...I thought that in doing so, that would be the end of my worries, but I was wrong. He starting texting my moms phone (who knows nothing about this, I don't want her to worry and I am not a little girl, I'm 21.) I THANK GOD, was able to grab my moms phone before she could see what he had written but he wrote "your daughter is a ***** she ***** everyone, she was almost pregnant, she was drunk the night she dented her car etc etc etc....) (these are all lies, by the way, I am actually EXTREMELY cautious with who I sleep with..I was a virgin all through high school and have only been with like 3 guys total from the age of 20...this guy started out seeming COMPLETELY normal...and as I said...we began as good friends...till things started getting weird with him...) I don't deserve this at all...I swear to God I am such a good girl, caring....I don't deserve this harassment at all. Anyways, I can't just intercept my moms phone all the time...but I am CONSTANTLY worried about the next time he will be drinking or just lonely and feel like texting my mom terrible things about me...I will be damned if I let my mother read someone calling me a ***** and talking about pregnancy and stuff...She does NOT need that and I certainly don't need that. I don't know what to do anymore. He texted my mom that when we go back to school (I'm off holidays and back in college in 2 days and he attends the same college) he will tell everyone I am a ***** that has std's and so on. He has already texted our mutual friends saying things like that....fortunately for me, my friends, and even his know this situation and know who i am and that i am NO ***** and that he is trying to hurt me in every way possible. He's is trying to ruin my reputation with my mother, my friends and now even at my college...I'm scared and worried at every time of the day....I really don't know what to do anymore but I can't handle all of this meanness. I can't believe that ONE person could have this much of an impact on my life...and I can't (and wouldn't even) be able to do the same back...I can't ruin anything for him...being a female makes it all the more easy to mess with my life...calling a girl a ***** is as bad as it gets...telling her mother she was pregnant, even if it is a lie, is as horrible as it gets...I have a great relationship with my family...I have good friends...I don't want my image being tarnished over some bat-****-crazy guy. Who lies about killing themselves? Did he expect me to NOT call the police?! He sent me texts saying he would kill himself, if he actually did it and I did nothing, it would look terrible on me...not only that, I do have a freaking conscience and i'd feel guilty...can't believe I'm saying that after all he's putting me through now...I can't/don't wanna feel like this anymore...I can't always have my moms phone with fact, she was just asking why I've always had her phone on me lately...I do start school in 2 days and won't be able to guard her phone to delete insane messages...I'm scared. I'm worried...and I don't know what to do anymore. Any help or advice that can be given would be much appreciated.
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Jan 17, 2013