I Need Some Advice Please..

I've been with my husband for 4 years now and the only reason why we got married was because i was pregnant. I am a young mom at age 22. I know in my heart that hes not for me, I've done everything i could to try and work things out but i feel like hes not trying or wanting to save this marriage. He brings the worst in me out, and i've become a bitter and angry person because of this, but i don't know how to leave, or what it will be like if i leave. I just need some advice i guess..
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Well i can say i have been in the same position. i was with m bf at 18 and got pregnant at 19, married at 20 just because we had a child. it made things worse it seemed. i thought i loved him and i know he loved me but things just got worse the more i pretended everything was alright when it wasnt. after our second child it become an even worse struggle with our happiness.... i left him at 22. i am 24 now and still wonder what if but really i am happier with myself more than i ever have been. there are other men out there that (when you are ready) will give you and ur child their everything plus more. just hang in there and take a step back< hope you find your happiness and you will. never give up and keep faith.