Alrighty, lets just start off with saying that I made a big mistake. I was at a lock in for school one night, it was just me and a couple kids from my school and my teacher along with other kids and teachers from other schools. I go to a school right on a college campus. Most of my friends are college students, or had just graduated high school. (No worries, I never participated in any "college activities" nor had I ever been to a college party let alone drank before...). While at the lock in, around 10 I got a text from my buddy saying that they needed my help knowing that I would a) be sober, and b) can't not help a friend (sorry for the double negative). Basically they told me that one of their buddies had broken there ankle after having a bit to drink and fell down the stairs trying to walk to his dorm. A couple of the other kids were drinking as well. Not my close friends though, and the ankle was bad enough that he needed to be taken to head home. Stupid! Anyways, so I drove them to the ER, waited there and the ER. However, the only friend who had a car on him drives a very small truck, that would be difficult to get our other buddy with a broken ankle in, with the split that they put on him. So this is where I come in. They asked me to drive them to the ER. Me being me, told them of course (after yelling at them for being idiots). I told my teacher that I wasn't feeling well and I was going to drove them back to the dorm when I crashed for the night because of course my parents thought I was at the lock in. Next morning, in my state of panic I went back to school and explained to my teacher what had happened, because I felt awful about it and I didn't want him to get into any trouble for what I had done. I confessed and I told him that he obviously wasn't to blame at all. He gave me good teacher advice, told me that he couldn't keep quiet if someone asked because of all those good teacher rules and such. So weeks later, he asked me if I had told my parents, in a panic of course... I said I told my mom. Another big WHOOPS. I was scared to death, and still am scared to death to tell her! However, there is a very good chance that my mom will run into this teacher whether in the near future or later on. What do I do? I know the obvious answer is to tell my mom... but the thing is, I won't be able to go to the college of my dreams if I tell her about this big screw up. And I know it was my fault.. but still, any advice? Thanks for taking you're time on this, you don't know how much it means to me.
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Jan 17, 2013