Want To Kill My Husbands Sister But Cant

Ok my husbands sister.. hmm ok back story. Before my husband and i even started dating i was going to kick his sisters *** because she talked alot of **** about me... ok so i started dating my husband ans of corse seen she more i still didnt like her.. she is one of those stuck up people that think they are gods gift to the world. Getting to know her and her family i didnt like her even more because she even treated her family like **** especially her mom. And i not really haveing a mom growing up this ****** me off well she was 17 got pregnant. And i started to fall for my husband so as much as i hated her i tryed to get along... she is 18 now had her baby and she womt shut her mouth. She said thinkgs to my husband and she will wisper when i come around never says anything to my face wich is good because i would probably. Hit her.... but ya what should i do or what would u do. My husband is startingng to get pissed he tells her somethimes but manly gets mad at me... please help im at my breaking point. Im so close to just grabbing the *****
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Jan 18, 2013