I Want To Kick My Husbands Sister ***.

Ok so before my husband and I even started dating I wanted to kick his sister's *** because she always was talking s*** about me. She is a very stuck up person she thinks the whole world revolves around her and that she is a gift from God that everybody needs to Bow down to her. Well my husband. and I started dating and I tried to get along it really didn't work but I tried now it's worse tha it's worse than ever every time I see her just I want to grab her and beat her ***. But of course i can't my husband is so mad thatwe don't get along he tells her once and
A while but gets mad atme allot what should i do or what would u do. Another reason why my husband trys to keep peace is because he knows if i get ahold of her i will really hurt her.. but what do i do please help. And please excuse the grammer im just really mad right now
nessasintrouble nessasintrouble
Jan 18, 2013