Go On Or Quit?

What should I do? College student at a crossroads...?
This is the first time I have written about this since I came here 2 years ago. I am really unhappy at my college, I am somewhere in the middle of Vermont, and am from Los Angeles, and have had a really hard time adjusting to this completely different culture. So much so that every minute in the last year has been spent completely alone. I eat alone, I study alone, and I try to deal with my issues alone since I don't have anyone I can confide my problems in. I have literally become scared of what the future holds after being so miserable and alone, I don't see myself climbing out of this hole I have dug myself in. I am doing well academically, this is my second year in college, but have become extremely introverted as a result of my solitude, I feel like a burden to everyone. I don't even talk to my roommate who has grown to hate me because I don't talk much, and has even spread the word to some of his friends about how strange and quiet I am. I wasn't always this way but some things in my life made me just want to stop trying really hard for new friendships. Anyway, I caught him and his four friends bashing me on twitter, accusing me of things I would never be capable of doing, like becoming a bum and ******* away everything in my life. That has pushed me to believe that maybe I don't belong in college and should drop out. I would rather be happy than miserable, and I think even if I finish college, maybe that wouldn't be the best thing in the world for me. I have no one I can talk to in this world, I have a few friends, like maybe three or four, but I can't talk to any of the about this because I was always the smart kid in high school who was expected to do big things, and telling everyone about how much I am struggling in college seems like a bad idea. I am an economics major, and would definitely like to become a professor one day, but would honestly settle for being happy instead. I apologize in advance if any of this is really vague, I have been depressed to the point that I've become so numb to emotions, even my laughter is broken, and when I think about it all, I can't help but cry over it. I am a male, 21 years old, and would sincerely appreciate any advice or personal experiences.
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Jan 19, 2013