Creeped Out

my mom and i recently moved in with her boyfriend and three of his kids, one of which is my age. we hang out all the time at home and he's become one of my best friends. (we're both 16 btw) so anyway, i was at my dads house when he texted me 'my sister is convinced we're in love' so i just replied with a couple 'haha's. then he sent me something along the lines of 'i wouldn't say that i'm IN LOVE with you, but you certainly are VERY very pretty if you don't mind me saying :)' then he kept saying 'i needed to tell you that before our parents got married..' and then 'i'm mad dumb i shouldn't have said that' and i feel SO uncomfortable. i've been staying at my dads all week to avoid him, but my mom obviously wants me at her house too. i'm beyond creeped out and overwhelmingly uncomfortable. i sit in my room and just cry because it has literally made such a negative impact that i can't stand to be around him. what do i do?? PLEASE help me.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 20, 2013