I Was Mugged And I Want To Leave My Study Abroad Program

I am a twenty year old female from the US and I have been Italy for a study abroad program for the past week. On my first night out to the clubs in Italy, I was mugged and beaten up by a man who jumped out of an alleyway and hit me. My face is cut and bruised and two of my fingers are badly broken close to the hand, which is apparently a serious break.

I am really miserable. I'm in so much pain, and Italian doctors would not prescribe me any pain medication at all. I keep replaying everything that happened in my mind, and I am constantly upset. My friends are even getting annoyed at me and seem to be feeling as if I'm exaggerating, but I feel absolutely awful. I am worried about getting medical help here, as the hospital did not seem nearly as advanced as any American hospitals I have been in. I am also scared to go out, so I am pretty sure I won't be going out on weekends while I'm here.

I want to go home so badly. I feel like I am probably homesick as well, but that is on top of all that I am feeling. I'm really worried that if I leave I will regret it, but I don't know if I will be able to stay in Rome for four more months.

Do you think I have a valid reason to leave, or should I stick it out here?
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Jan 21, 2013