My Girlfriend

I have been seeing a older women who has two children and i do my best every day to help her and have been since we fount out she was pregant she had started to bleed and she told me she was having a miscarriage and shes had it before so not to worry and then she wouldnt ring the hospital she told me it going to be ok and i get told she is still pregant and im heads all over the place we arguee all the time i hate it i love her and the kids i get told to help her out when the kids were beig bad then get grief for doing.. I tell her how im feeling and i get grief someone help me
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Sometime you just have to love someone for who they are and you cant be bothered about the fighting. But you really need to get this whole pregnant thing figured out because that is the game changer. If she isn't pregnant then you still have to time to make a descision based on what you feel but if she is still pregnant its your duty to be there for her.