Relationship Troubles (need Some Honest, Upfront Advice)

Hello, this is the first time I've come to a website like this so please bare with me...
This is going to seem stupid to some of you because in reality it is a silly topic to fight over.
The thing is, my boyfriend and I have been together 4 years and have had our fair share of arguments, we always end up working it out and talking it through. Realizing we have both said stupid things and we try and set a goal of how we can avoid the same arguments in the future. Well, this morning, we got up early like we normally do. Getting ready for work I was making our lunches. At the start of our relationship my boyfriend used to make his own lunch and coffee and never asked me, but since I was awake early anyway and making a sandwich for me I figured i'd help out and be kind. Now I feel like he takes advantage of the situation and never trys to make his own lunch. I am feeling more like his mother than a girlfriend. I have talked to him about it. I have straight up asked for more help in the mornings. I try really hard not to make him guess why I am upset(we all hate that). But this morning, I was in pain from my leg, and I didn't get the best of sleep... he was sitting there playing a game on his cellphone.. and out loud I said "Hey, if your lunch doesn't get made, its not my problem...".. I agree what i said was uncalled for. I just snapped and for some reason my mouth puked the words out before I could think to not say that. Anyway, long story short, hes severely pissed off with me. He won't speak to me. I told him something like this as an apology:

Hey _____ I am sorry for saying that comment earlier this morning. I'd be hurt if you said those words to me, so i can see where your coming from. If I have something to say, I should just sit down and talk to you and not spazz out like a crazy person. It was really rude and selfish, and you deserve to be respected and talked to like a human being. I love you alot and hope you have a good day.

He responded with "It's fine.. you do it enough times I should be used to this by now..its my problem, not yours"

I feel as though he doesn't believe I am genuine in my apologies and it hurts. I know it is my fault for the argument but what do I do. I am not wired into his brain, all I can do is be patient and wait? I don't want to not ask though, I don't want him to think I don't care about his feelings. Relationships are confusing sometimes. My communication skills aren't fully developed and I struggle to know what to do sometimes.

Thanks for your ears!

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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Its good to sit down and talk your arguments through. Don't go to bed angry. But the argument is called for sometime you have to get things that bother you off your chest. Just sit down and ask him for more help.