Help Quick!! - Lies - What Should I Do?!!

Well I am a teenager at Sixth Form in England. Like any student I didn't want to wake up and go to school, so... I lied.

I created a fake email from my teachers saying that I didnt have to come in this morning and i could stay at home, my parents believed me and i did this. Later i went to school and saw the teacher that i had addressed the email from and i apologised for not being in this morning because of the snow (another lie). When I got home it turns out the school had contacted my mother about my absence this morning and she had explained about the email. The school checked with my teachers and confirmed that no email was sent.

I should have confessed then but I didnt.

So i went along with the lie and showed them the email, i then made another account on google and emailed the message to myself to make it seem legitimate. Later i was worried they would trace the account so I deleted it off google. I then emailed both my English teachers telling them about the fake email and that i didnt know who it was and that i should have checked who it was from (continuing with the lie).

I am now worried that this will be investigated to make sure that these emails stop (even though i created the email), I dont want to get in lots of trouble but because of the length of the lie and the depth of the deceit i have created I am worried. My parents both believe me and I have told them that i didnt write the email (even though i did). I am in too deep and i am panicking because i am filled with regret and i am angry at myself for lying. I am annoyed that I have lied to my parents and my teachers, people who trust me. I dont want to lose their trust and I know that if i confess i will...

What do I do? Please help me! This may seem trivial but it means a lot to me and will affect my future. Please, Please help.

Thank you.
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Well, the thing that will make them lose trust in you is if they have to find it out by themselves. If you don't come out straight, they will lose trust in you. Come out straight, and they will know that you know what you did was wrong.

Yer suffering enough was stupid and you learned yer more lies...just put it in the past and don't do it again

Tell everyone the truth. I did exactly what you did in highschool and at the end the truth comes out no matter what. If you continue to go on the lies only get worse, trust me. Being honest wont hurt as much as telling lies and getting caught. School is just a small obstacle compared to the big ones ahead of you. You can dodge this one but who's to say you can the next?

I think that lying might have been the easy way to go but in the end a lie is only as good as its last. I am a college student and i think that i am the best of trying to get out class without leaving a trace of my own laziness. What you should try to do is that when your in bed the moment that right before you start thinking of ways to get out of class you should start thinking of why you should go into class. Starting with you dont have to think of a lie. Also trust me class sucks especially when all you want to do is be home laying down, but once your done with it you think to your self "well that wasnt that bad" just like a flu shot you dont really want to do it and think of any way to get out of getting one and then when you finally get one you'll feel better and you realize it wasnt as bad as you thought.

Right now I'd probably let it lie as if you confess you'll have to admit to knowingly telling untruths even after the initial email.
Bottom line though is you missed a morning off college? If its anything like the 6th form I went to they give the whole learning is your responsibility speech so don't really take it too seriously if you miss a single morning. They care more about the guys that only make it into college for a single morning.

Let it blow over and don't lie or create any more fake gmail accounts ;) for added brownie points fined out what you missed and catch it up.

Hope it all works out.

Face the music. Just go to them explain the situation and tell them you are willing to face the consequences of your actions. Not only is this the only thing that'll actually work at this point but the honesty might smooth things over just a tiny bit. Either way good luck.

I think your main problem is you are afraid of getting caught; say what you will about trust and regret it's all just another lie; only this time to yourself to absolve any feelings of being a bad person, but my advice to you is DON'T ROCK THE BOAT! Just ride it out and remain plausible deniability. In time, if you don't repeat the actions, you will get past it. It's just important to not do it again.

Oh gosh I remember when I was like you, trust me I have been far worse then your situation n I wud panic n panic but it was over soon n nothing happend.. If they do then nothin terrible will happen all u hve to say was I felt sick n didn't want to come to school they won't send u to jail. If they ask about trust tell them tht u wanted to tell hem in the beginning but u felt bad n it kept getting worse dnt worry spend life being happy. Jus dnt mention the email n if ure parents ask b like oh tht I dnt kno (: good luck dnt stress

It'll blow away.Your teachers probably already forgot about it.So just relax,and learn from this.

Breathe, sooner or later it'll blow over.

I wouldn't confess to it I know what its like to be in too deep. But now you know what lying can do to you and your life. A lie leads to another lie then you cant keep track of them all. Just from now on stop making more lies to cover you. You need to just stick to the story and it will be blown over as a prank.

I don't know what to say but I doubt the school will have time to look into it and will most likely blow over.

I will also add that there is a chance that this will simply blow over and that no trouble will come of it. Please help, I need advice and quick!