I'm Out Of Advice...

I am a 21 year old female trying too seek help and advice for my dearly female-cousin (Salma). She has 3 children with her first husband. He has been seeing a woman behind her back while being out of work. He lies everytime he goes to work instead he leaves to see the other woman. Turns out she had a baby around the same time Salma had her baby girl. Seriously what kind of man does these kind of thinkgs to their wife I ask myself. I am worried about Salma especially about her kids. I've been telling her to talk to her mom about the cheating and everything else going on, but she is afraid to tell her about it. She has even told her husband that she was going to file a divorce, but at the same time she doesn't want to because she loves him and because of her children. This is getting out of hand I can't stand seeing her suffer anymore she doesn't deserve any of this. She is a wonderful mother. I love her deeply but this has to come to an end so please anyone out there please help. What can I do...What can I tell her...
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I think that all you can do is support any of the decisions she has or will make, you don't want to push her into something she may not be certain about and ending up being the villain. If she wants to leave him then help her though it but if she wants to work things out with her husband then support her in that too. You may not know all the aspects of their relationship. Tell her to go to a lawyer and ask him or her for things that couples try to do to fix their relationship before considering divorcing.

Tell her to leave him. No real man would ever do that to a woman he cares about. You should also be their for her in her time of need. Most of importantly talk about it with her so she knows that she doeloves himsn't have to go through it alone. It will be tough for her and she loves him. She might always love him. But I don't think that she will lest long watching her husband leave to go to another family.

Thank you I appreciate you response. I will try my best to be there for her.