I'm 17 and I'm dating a 24yr old. I feel bad for lying to my mom but I know she won't let me see him after this. She thinks he 20 and knows we like each other but she said I cnt date him til I'm 18 bc my 2 yr limited. I was hopin that if we stay together for a long time then tell her she will kno we are serious but I don't know. What should I do?
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

this is sort of my prblem too however mine is a 13 year age gap, ive lied to my family and said it was only 7 years difference but i will tell the when the time is right. i have been with him for 3 months now, follow your heart. your family will forgive you.

I've never been a relationship before but I have saved and helped many of them. My advise is to follow your heart and if you really like this guy stay with him and when you turn eighteen tell your mom about you two or even better just come out and tell her everything. If you keep this to yourself itll hurt you. Secrets can build and fall down on you.