What's Wrong With This Girl?

Girls please help! (dudes too)

Ok, so the thing is I've been liking this girl for a while and she always seemed to like me aswell (at least a little) so finally one day after we stopped seeing each other for a long time I had the nerve to call her, say hi and sh*t, then I asked her out and she was like "Yeah! Of course! I'll love to see you <3" so I was like "Cool, see you on saturday"

Then on saturday she said to me on facebook that something came up and she wasn't going to be able to go out, so I told her "Awww ok" and then she said "What!? Nooooo I really really want to go out with you!, let's do it tomorrow!, please say yes please pleeeeease" So I agreed.

The following day, we were chatting and she was like "Ok let's meet at this place in 30 minuts, It'll be fun, I really want to see you again <3 bla bla bla" and suddenly she said, at that precise moment, that her ex-boyfriend started talking to her, telling her a lot of bullsh*t, then she got all depressed, she said she was crying, she started telling me all her love story with this dude, and I was like "Oh I'm so sorry bla bla bla" but in my mind I was like "What the **** is going on?" I was feeling like her best friend or some sh*t and of course I don't want that, so we ended up doing nothing, she said her day was ruined after that and a lot of other things I didn't wanted to hear because I don't want to end up in her friendzone.

After that I told her that we could see each other when she felt OK, and haven't talked to her since then.

So what the **** is wrong with her? Does she really likes me or not? Why does she say she want to see me a lot if she always end up making excuses? If she started talking about her ex-boyfriend it's because she hasn't forget him or to make it clear that she doesn't want anything with me?

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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

You cant forget a ex. I think she does like you its just you need to be with her and help her through what's shes going through and it would be easy you'll be her shoulder. If you really like her you'll be with her when she needs you.