Kissing. Kids ***** Just To Get Alone With Them

I have taken good care of my daughter alone and not with support from her father @ all. i have two boys and one daughter. I've done without just to provide from my children. My daughter was a honor student in highschool and I was very proud of her. She wasn't sexually active at the age of 17 test revealed. I constantly talked to and encouraged her to be all she could be. Suddenly my life changed. I recognized her attitude changed. I guess she was sexually active now and rebellion sat in. I would not let her hang out late nights. Her wanting so bad to make mistakes to hurt me ,she did what only an adult would know the outcome to be. Yes she has a baby. I agreed to help her out , out of love of course. To go to school and work only. Not to hang out and make another baby. She tried to spend less time as possible with her obligation. The lies continued to pour in. She drop him off early and picked him up late. The cheapest baby sitter in the world..............for free. Got sic of the lies and told her she had to find a new baby sitter. It's time for her to grow up! She thinks it's all about her and her only. She uses her baby against me to have her way. I feel that I failed as a parent , because I associated love with letting her have her way. Is ther anybody with advice?
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Jan 23, 2013