My Friend Hasnt Spoken To Me For 4 Months

Before I get into this, this is not just a stupid argument resulting in the `silent treatment.' For a while I'd noticed a change in one of my best friends, lets call her Stella. She was silent and distant. I knew that this was because of two other friends, Jaine and Alessida (ok these are complete bs names that rhyme (barely) with my friends names but, well anyway) They had treated her differently the past year, always talking about how annoying she was etc. They were pretty rude to her sometimes. So around September Stella got very quiet and distant. She barely spoke to us and didnt hang around with us much. She started being absent from school for ages. I texted her everyday asking her if she was ok and if there was anything I could do. The only reply I got was the cryptic `Fine, bit late though now thanks!' Eventually we were told she had left school. I went to her house twice the second time her dad answered saying she was out. We had all been under the impression she was sick. On later discovery from Twitter she had been out with her friends all weekend. She hasnt been on facebook for ages but is still active on twitter and ignores the messages I send her. My theories are family problems/ bullying/ depression.

Anyone any ideas how I fix this?

Tess xx
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Jan 24, 2013