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It all stared when I met this girl on Facebook in October. She lives in Florida and I live in Cali: We started chatting and that led the video canning. She's a really sweet and funny girl. As we started talking everyday, i fell for her more and more. In December we thought we'd give it a shot and try a relationship even with the distance. We only lasted 4 days because she told me she wasn't really over her ex. I understood and we remained friends. It wasn't awkward between us at all. Then 2 weeks later, her ex she wasn't over texted her and she forgot all about me for a week! I saw all this stuff she was posting on Facebook like, "she makes me happy again" and stuff like that. Then once her ex got back with a different girl she randomly texted me back. I got really upset and I was pissed ! She said it wouldn't happen again and I believed her. We remained good friends again and still talked every single day. Then on January 6th 2013 we got back together and have it another shot. We lasted till January 18 because this time she said its the distance that bothers her and she's been getting depressed ever since Jan. 6 when we got together! I was soo heartbroken but at the same time I sort of understood. This is the part i don't understand... Three days later on January 21 2013 she got a new girlfriend. Like what the hell !?!.!.!? She told me she loved me and I was her one and only ! I texted her about it, and she told me not to be mad. ? She said, " why do you even care about me, you haven't even seen me?" I was crying on the floor and we fought about it and now we are not on speaking terms. And today is her birthday and i i feel like i ruined it ! I am so heartbroken but I wonder is it even my fault? Or did I over exaggerate ?But most of all i have a heart condition and only have 3 months to live so should i talk to her or wait ? Please help me !!!
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WOW! I am so sorry about your condition. That's some story. And heartbreaking too! Well, not ever being in a long distance relationship myself. I've heard that they're extremly hard. I hear you and understand. Now, falling for someone who is not living in California and you do! You never know what is going on with that other person. Not to be mean but, what kind of a relationship do you two think your going to have, being so far away? A hard one that is. What attracted you to girl is that she said such nice things to you and vice versa. Now she said's that she's talking to her X. But, she's probably been taking to her X all along! So, what she's going to do is toss you around as much as she can because you two have NOT a relationship BUT, a long distance chat. I think you should search for another within California.