I Need A Way To Accept The Others,,

Me & my boyfriend really loves each other,, but there is a big gap in our communication he loves me & I can feel it but most of the times I can't accept being neglected & really to be honest he doesn't neglect me but I just feel this way,, he talks to me all the time, he cares, but he can't understand many things I'm passing through ,, sometimes I feel that I'm really pushing too much hard on him, but sometimes I feel like its my right & I should feel that way, I need to have him with me I need to feel that he knows me & understands what I feel... I really don't know what to do
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

This is pretty vague. Maybe you could ask him to write you a romantic letter full of promises and hopes, and every time you're alone and feeling neglected you can read the letter to feel better. As for when you're together, let him know exactly what you are dealing with in a full-on-heart to heart just once (otherwise it might seem naggy). If he still doesn't satisfy your emotional needs, perhaps the relationship just wasn't going to work out anyways. Or you can try talking about it again and again, I know talking always makes me feel better. Good luck.

Thank you,, I'll try to think about this letter it seems motivating