Need Help

okay so no judging but i lost my virginity to this guy whenn i was 13 and we spent a lot of time together he was a really good guy, well my mom found out and he wasnt aloud around anymore so he left for 5 years and today i was at a friends house and he came over their house, well i havent spoke to him since he left and we didnt get to talk much about what was going on when he had to leave, but i kind of just want to go talk to him about things, i feel feelings towards him again since hes been around, he comes to my friends house daily at least twice to see her boyfriend. when im around him, he likes pushes me like playing and stuff and today he kinda rubbed my hand. i just dont know what to do cause if he wanted to talk about everything, he has a way to get ahold of me..and another thing my friend doesnt know that hes the guy i lost my virginity too. im really just sad about the whole situation.
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Jan 29, 2013