Ready To Move On, But Don'T Know How.

I was in an on-and-off relationship for 2 and a half years. I ended the relationship about a year ago because I had found out that my partner had cheated on me. I was devastated and went through a bit of depression. At the time I was willing to take him back and give him a second chance, but we both agreed to try to work on our relationship before getting back together. I felt that I was the only one trying to fix the issues on the relationship, even though I was not the one that created them. I had then found out that the whole time we were trying to "work on our relationship", he was talking to another girl and hanging out with her, and he was even in love with this girl. Again, I felt as if I was cheated on. I told him I didn't want anything to do with him and that I was done trying to work on our so-called relationship, and I even blocked his number and blocked him on social networking sites. He would show up at my house and try to apologize and want to work things out, and stupidly, I forgave him. I was completely in love with him so of course I wanted to make things work. My family does not like him and don't allow him to be at my house. It has been a year since the initial break-up and I feel that I will never be able to forgive him for cheating on me, and all the hurt, pain, and damage he has caused me. A month ago I finally realized that he is not the person I want to be with, and I am ready to move on from him completely, even if that means stopping all contact with him. Every time I tell him I am done trying to fix things with him, or that I don't want to talk to him anymore, he goes crazy and accuses me of wanting to be with another guy, and even shows up at my house when I don't answer his calls. He even sometimes threatens to kill himself. I feel completely trapped and have no clue what to do. I am ready to move on and he is not making it easy for me. I feel helpless.
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013 see he had the power in your relationship..... and now he 'has lost' OR is losing it... I say losing the power because he is still trying to exert it over you using a different tactic...and to some extent he is still controlling you (well you feel trapped and helpless). If you really mean business and if his actions are threatening to you (turning up at your house) you may need to summon the strength to take it further (ie go to the police). Find the strength to move on, despite his threats of killing himself, he is not your responsibility. BTW I am great at giving advice despite my own situation!!!! GOOD LUCK!

move on with your self it's he's lost you gave him to many chances and now for all he's done hurting you and liein to you sure made u lose what you had and felt for him. Tell a friend of his or his parents or your parents that he's threatening to kill himself. we all go through things happy or sad or hurtful or painful but we learn something from it all. move on you will be ok.....