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Kik Messenger

I've been using Kik for a while but it is deleted now.. I've read about it online it seemed dangerous so I was scared I have deleted it many times but then I re-install it I miss talking to the people I used to talk to.. But there were so many pervs but also others were very nice however I got scared that they might be lying and faking it until random boys started texting me all at once I freaked out! I was scared they said that I trade pics ( but I DONT) I asked who said so they said my username was posted on an online web formula or something I was so scared that I started crying! It was night I was alone I was scared my parents would see that site.. So I texted one of my friends who's on kik I trusted him he was so nice so I told him he told me to deactive this account and make a new one and text him there he made me feel better after talking so I deactived the account but I never made a new one.. I feel bad that I should text him :/ but Im scared that the same thing might happen again I really miss talking to him.. I feel that I need to text him I dont know if he misses me or he forgot me so I dont know wether to re-install it or not.. Please help me make my decision I need your help pleeease
StrangersLife StrangersLife 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 31, 2013

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If you ever need someone to talk to I'm always around and very understanding try adding me and we can chat :)

Thank you very much

I need advice about something kind of extreme.

About what?