Is it wrong for me to put my kids life before there father or love them more then there father. i love my husband dearly but my love for our kids is so much different....
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Loving a child is always going to be so much different than a spouse. A child has an unspoken bond with you. It's someone you knew even before you knew them. It's someone you are watching grow up right before your very eyes. You already put the effort into your husband, now most of the effort is toward the kids. That's just how it is and anyone who puts their spouse before their child is wrong.

No this is common for a mother if you felt like he was dearer then i'd feel worried.

he has a daughter from his first wife and i understand she's his life and i wouldn't want him to put me first before her i know he loves me much. But some times he selfish when it comes to the kids.

You're a mother delosangeles. And you know what? That means you are twice as strong as any man. That means you wear the pants in private but he owns them in public meaning. You are their mother it's natural for you to care for them more than him.

Thank you..... draganaeros,,,,,,

Yw i know it sounded a lil heartless...but knowing things means brutal honesty even if you cant show compassion til later.

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