How Should I Get Around To Telling My Boyfriend What Exactly I Want Sexually.... I Don'T Want It To Be Awkward?...

I'm still in high school and I don't need a speech about how I'm too young blah blah.... Teens have sex now, people get over it things are going to happen....
My boyfriend Hasn't had sex since freshman year and he puts me in this light of the innocent little girl, when in reality I'm just the opposite when it comes to the bedroom, I've had people call me a freak in the bed and just plain kinky, But I don't want to scare him so.... what should I do?
I know he thinks girls should be modest which is what I really like about him.... But I like what I like in the bedroom...
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

I guess it depends on what you want and exactly how kinky it is. I agree with easing into it, though. Help me out with my question as well if you have the time, please.

I'm a teen.. I never had sex yet and I'm engaged. o.O

That's really cool, I just hope you think it's cool!! :)

I do think it's cool!