When i was 16 i met a guy at college i was with him for 4 i found out that he was telling another girl he loves her...i was really hurt. My parents wanted me to get engaged to my dads best friends son. I was so hurt and angry that i agreed to it. I already use to talk to him before we got engaged as we grew up together. Before i got engaged to him he told me that my ex who cheated on me got a girl pregnant.. He even got a girl to ring me saying shes pregnant and my ex loves her he never loved me.. I was confused and angry and i believe what they were saying. So i got engaged.. After a couple of month me and my fiancé started arguing over little things.. He use to say i lied about your ex getting a girl pregnant i just wanted you both to break up. I cant believe he lied to me. Deep down i know i still love my ex i know he told another girl he loves her but i forgave him.. Hearing about him getting a girl pregnant pushed me over the edge.. I want to be with my ex and he wants to be with me too but how do i get out of this relationship my parents are determined to get me married to my fiancé and not my ex because my ex is not the sane cast as me
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Feb 3, 2013